A broken shell on torn paper.

My favorite abstract pieces from class.

More new wave graphic design stuff for class. There was a third one but I hated it. 

Recent class work. We’re researching a famous graphic designer and graphic design movement, and making posters based around them.

Self portrait doodles, showing how I’ve changed over the years.
If younger me could see me now they’d be so confused.

I’m grumpy so here’s a sketch of Ashur being grumpy too.

Junk from my graphic abstractions class. The stress of college better be worth it.

My favorite NPCs from last night’s D&d adventure.

A quick sketch- cosplay design for gencon 2014 + notes.
My friends and I are thinking of going as random elder scrolls characters. I think at least two of us will be dunmer if things go according to plan.