Things I can’t draw: hands, fire, shirtless people.

Bonus: Some stuff from my intro to graphic design class last semester. I’m sorry the images are so tiny and difficult to read.

This blog is going to be less active again, so here’s some really ugly sketches of a magnifier I made for class.

Have you ever noticed the Orcs in Skyrim have really weird eyes?

Sometimes I make maps for my D&d group.

I made a page for my characters seeing as there’s a lot of them around here now.

Rivanya is based on the first character I made in Oblivion (also the first character I ever made in any elder scrolls game.) Ortano is a character I made specifically for Morrowind’s tribunal DLC.

I might be making more headshots of characters like this, or I’ll at least try to draw these two characters more often.

Another character I made in Starbound. Cirrenx IV is a bounty hunter, and he probably spends half his time trying to hunt down Lotrus

Starbound is my latest obsession. 

I named this character Lotrus, and they’re suppose to be… a space pirate? Scavenger? Thief? something like that. I almost made an avian instead but then I learned that florans are a unisex race. That’s so cool.

I’ve reached my max capacity for holiday cheer, so here’s a confused Llareve in a santa hat and festive scarf.