Indoril Nerevar & Voryn Dagoth

I gave Llareve a redesign- different colors, changes to her gloves, and now she has a long floppy mohawk instead of a pixie cut.

A better, colored picture of Quenn.

Once a week me and my friends try to get together and play a table top rpg. Usually it’s D&d but we decided to try out Vampire: The Masquerade recently.

And everybody stopped and drew their characters at one point. I decided to make some nice little bust drawings based off them. Here we have (from top left to bottom right):

Jo the Ravnos (my character)
Autumn the Tzimisce (belongs to Meg)
Tarkus the Malkavain
Red the Gangrel
Bonus! NPC character Irwin the ghoul (whom Jo stole from another vampire)

I know this combination of clans makes no sense, but our storyteller was being nice and didn’t want to restrict anyone on our first try. We managed to fit Autumn in by working with her backstory- for some reason she was abandoned immediately after her embrace, and so she know little of her clan or abilities. And that works just fine because really this group is just a bunch of dumb asses no one likes and they’re being forced to work together.

This is a suuuuper tiny update but, this blog has a new icon.

Just so you know.

Edit: I’m also thinking about getting a new theme but I’ll work on that later.

I did the tumbloni art meme (draw yourself as a oni/demon.) It was super fun! 

It’s a little early for pumpkins but my mom insisted on getting one before they all got picked over.

I tried to paint Corvo’s mask on it.

Art for a contest on Flight Rising.

i-want-a-callisto: wow I didn't know you had an art blog. I'm glad I found it and keep up the fantastic work!

I’m glad you like it! 

One of my classes requires us to keep a sketchbook. When I was really upset today I drew some Cry of Fear fan art in it, and I like how it turned out.

Btw I’m sorry about the quality of this- I’m still stuck with my shitty camera and no scanner.