An abstract diptych, done for my painting II class.  I apologize for them being a bit blurry.

The first of a couple of works from my painting II class this semester.

We were allowed to go a little abstract with this assignment rather than aim for high realism. I was feeling inspired by Borderlands (as that’s what I was playing at the time when this was started) so I decided to experiment with solid lines around the edges of objects.

So I did one of these things.

This blog has been kind of slow lately so here, have a WIP.

Also spring classes are over now so I should be able to get the art I made for class back soon.

I don’t work with fabric too much but today I decided to make some simple dice bags out of some scraps I had lying around.

I’m obsessed with the Daedric alphabet currently so I painted my (real) name on this one using it. Also you can’t see it here but the lining of the bag is a light blue + white tie dyed fabric.

A map I made based off of a drawing my friend made. Its were most of our dungeons & dragons adventures have taken place, though most of the land isn’t filled in with cities, geographical features, and even countries yet. Its subject to change.

Click the picture to see a bigger version of it.

Some quick doodles. Silent Hill inspired monsters.

In the Silent Hill franchise the monsters that appear are different for everyone- they’re based around the main character’s psychological state and inner demons. In this case the one on the left would appear for someone who struggled with self harm, and the one on the right would appear for someone who suffered from Emetophobia (fear of vomiting.)

An amphiptere that is somehow aquatic despite having a lot of feathers. This is just a doodle, something I slapped some pretty colors on and don’t plan on finishing.

I use to draw dragons all the time when I was little but then I grew out of it.


I haven’t done any legit line art in so long.

A demon(?) chic that’s either floating or awkwardly sitting on a ledge of some sort. Wow I forgot the scales on her other leg. Oh well.

Usually I don’t post sketches like this anywhere, but I think I’ll start to help keep this blog alive.